• PrimRose PLC

    Primrose PLC:is a family owned private Coffee export company in Ethiopia. The Company was founded in January 2010 and is being managed by ...

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    Financial & Credit Facility

    We are privileged for a credit facility to run the business from Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, Oromia International Bank S.C ...

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    Coffee Laboratory

    This unit, headed by a certified ‘Q’ grader, is fully responsible for the product integrity and sustainable quality throughout the season in...

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    Logistics Unit

    Our logistics unit, headed by General and operational Manager, is over viewing and monitoring the entire operation and timely shipments avoiding any delay...

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    The Ethiopian coffee marketing is being handled by Ethiopian Commodity Exchange in Addis Ababe and all Ethiopian Coffee spices are Arabica and it variety is typical. In Ethiopia, coffee is harvested through selected handpicking and the time of harvest is from October to December.Primrose PLC has been exporting specialty coffee and mainstream(commercial). In the following table, detailed information is provided on specialty coffee verities that our company has been engaged in exporting to different countries in the World.

    Name Grade
    Limu Gr2
    Yirgachefe Gr 2
    Sidamo Gr 2
    Teppi Gr 2
    Bebeka Gr 2
    Name Grade
    Yirgacheffe Gr 3&4
    Sidamo Gr 3&4
    Lekempti Gr 3&4
    Djimmah Gr 4&5
    Bale Gr 4&5
    Harar Gr 4&5

    We export all the best Micro Lot Specialty Coffee for foreign market.

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    Meet Our Team

    Primrose Service Provider PLC
    Sub-City: Nifas Silk Lafto, Kebele 03/04/05, Boren Building 1st Floor
    Tel. +251-11-320-4214 / 15 . Cell Phone: +251-91-151-3747 . Fax: +251-11-371-1966
    E-mail: primroseplc@gmail.com, generalmanager@primrosecoffee.com
    www.primrosecoffee.com - Skype: primroseplc - P.O. Box: 19222 . Addis Ababa, Ethiopia